The Birth of Herbal Grounded Momma

I got started with building my business when I was 8 months pregnant. The idea came about when I developed a severe yeast infection. Hormones were all over the place, everything was unbalancing! I am not the one to lean toward pharmaceutical drugs as the first call. I like to take the natural approach.
So as I’m in pain and extremely discomforted I am researching what I can do. I discovered that I can use coconut oil. Now this is going to be TMI so be PREPARED!
I melted coconut oil in a tall 2oz jar and inserted the tampon in coconut oil. Skip all the details... the yeast stuck to the tampon as I was removing it and was immediately amazed. In shock by how much was coming out. However I eventually needed to be on anti-fungal medications because I could not bare the pain.
Fast forward 2 months after having my son. We developed thrush. Now thrush is another form of yeast infection however it occurs on the nipples and gum/mouth area of baby. White patches will appear on their gums and tongue and mother nipples will inflame red and shoot pin needling pain as nipples harden and when baby suckles. It is an extremely painful situation!
I learned about Reishi Mushroom when I was apart of this company who used it in all their products and was amazed by how much healing properties is has and how it’s used in Asia as medicinal. First off it’s anti fungal and second, it strengthens the immune system. (You can read more about it in the description)
I decided to melt coconut oil and add in powder form of Reishi and probiotics to my mix. I created a DIY nipple cream so to say. I began to use it very diligently on my nipples and used some on my son’s gums and mouth. Within 7-10 days it was gone! Vanished. No more. Never to be seen again!
I was blown away!
Then that was when I decided to get more creative and look into how I can scale this and help other moms and babies who went through the same thing I did! And now Viola! The birth of Herbal Grounded Momma.

My amazing 3 year old and I