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Herbal Grounded Momma

Soothing Momma Tea, Raspberry Tea, Labor and Delivery + Postpartum

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| Soothing Momma Tea |

Soothing Momma Tea provides that support you need to finish out the last trimester strong!

Labor + delivery support: Designed to shorten labor, ease contractions, and tone your uterus.

Raspberry leaf - provides labor pain relief

Stinging Nettle - labor preparation

Oatstraw - Energy Support

1oz Bag

Ingredients: Raspberry Leaf, Nettle, Oatstraw, Spearmint, Chamomile, Ginger

Directions: Directions: Place loose leaf in a small tea ball and let it steep for about 1-2 minutes. Bring water to a boil in a tea pot or sauce pan. Use 3 grams of tea for 6oz of water. Steep for 4 minutes. Pour water over tea or herb, do not boil botanicals when making tea.

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