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Herbal Grounded Momma

Self care | Bath Tub Tea, Salt Baths, Sets of 3 & 6 | Bath Salts

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Bath Tea Bags are made with organic | Rose Petals, Chamomile  | Oats | Epsom Salt. Comes with muslin bag, bath salts and scoop

• Comes individually, Set of 3 bags or  Set of 6 bags

Weight: 180g or 6oz

Directions: Open bag and scoop a scoop full of epsom salts with herbs and sprinkle in bath tub. Scoop as much as desired then tighten again for future use- or you can use entire Bath Tea bag in bath tub, tightened, to keep herbs and salt enclose then discard.

Disclaimer: Bath Teas are not FDA regulated and does not make any health claims. It is not intended to cure or treat any medical condition. If you are pregnant or nursing please ask your doctor before proceeding.