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Herbal Grounded Momma

Ultimate Momma To Be Gift Box

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Ultimate Momma To be Gift Box



Gift Box 

White gift box confetti 

Soothing Momma Tea- suggested to use 6 weeks due date to strength uterus and promote energy after the baby is born. 

Nipple Balm - to use if/while breastfeeding to reduce the development of redness, sore, or inflamed nipples. Nipple Balm is infused with Calendula and Marshmallow Root to aid in the reduction of inflammation and possible microbes.

 Belly Balm- made with vitamin E, Rosehips, sweet almond oil, coconut oil to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and the development of new ones also while providing complete moisture. Added essential oils such as Lime, Ceaderwood, Vanilla & Copaiba for a yummy smell. (I ensured that it wasn’t too overpowering for sensitive pregnancy noses) 

Calm Balm- Infused with Lavender & Roses and essential oils. To be applied on chest or wrist area. Lavender naturally brings calmness to the body and eases the mind. Great for stressful days, sleepless nights, or just wanting a natural lavender infused lotion rubbed on your body. 

Boa Noite “Sweet Dreams”- Momma and Baby night time roll on. To be used before bed time on momma and/or baby or any time of day. Made with essential oils that can bring relaxation and calmness to your senses. 

Butterfly Blossom Oil- Is designed to care for your most sensitive and intimate part of your divine self. Blossom oil is infused with real plants such as Calendula and Marshmallow Root. May help reduce early signs of a yeast infection; redness, itchiness and soreness. *Not to be inserted*

A few drops Tea Tree oil is added. Olive oil works as a carrier oil to dilute the potency of Tea Tree.

Tea Tree is antimicrobial and antifungal and can also help combat inflammation, itchiness, and discomfort.

Lip Balm- made with Shea butter and jojoba butter for intense moisture. *also made with coconut oil*